Save money on Sunscreen

Who doesn’t love the sunshine? Living in the tropical climate, we go through a lot of sunscreen and quickly. Every penny counts, so I try to get every ounce of my favorite sunscreen, Neutrogena, out of the bottle, before throwing it away.

Neutrogena Dry Sheer 30 SPF

I start by bouncing the container on the vanity counter, attempting to lure the remaining contents to the bottom of the bottle to squeeze into my hand. After several unsuccessful attempts to empty the remains of the bottle, I discovered a way to get a least 2 more full body sunscreen applications out of the bottle. Want to know my secret? It’s simply.

I remove the lid and take scissors to cut the Neutrogena sunscreen bottle open. Make sure you make your cut within 1-2″ of the end. You’ll want to be able to easily fit your fingers into the sliced bottle to retrieve the remaining sunscreen.

Neutrogena sunscreen saving tip

Put the lid back on and voila! Use you fingers to scoop out sunscreen that would have ended up wasted. Typically I find there are at least 2 full body applications left in the bottle.

Imagine all the ’empty’ bottles of sunscreen and beauty products you’ve thrown away, with product still in the bottles.

If you have extra applications left in the bottle, I suggest collapsing the top of the bottle into the bottom, to help keep the sunscreen from drying up. Word to the wise, use the remaining sunscreen quickly, before it dries up.

Remember your sunscreen and go enjoy the sunshine.

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3 thoughts on “Save money on Sunscreen

  1. Nice post on saving money while still enjoying the sun. I found a facial moisturizer w SPF 15 added that my dermotogist reccommended, combining 2 skin products in one. Enjoy your island weekend!

    1. Thank you!
      I use the Neutrogena moisturizer with 30 SPF daily and absolutely love it. I like the 2 in one products, too.
      Have a happy and safe holiday weekend and I hope your Dad continues to heal.

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